SAT-DOCKER For Thuraya XT-PRO/XT/XT-LITE with south antenna

1,930.00  (price contains VAT 23%)

SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Station for Thuraya XT-PRO, XT and XT-LITE ensures uninterrupted satellite service while using Thuraya phones in vehicles.

Due to the nature of the satellite signal, requiring direct view of the satellites, SAT-DOCKER significantly improves reliability of the satellite service for in-vehicle use.

SAT-DOCKER allows using all features of your Thuraya phone and service, such as text messaging, 9.6K data/fax, GmPRS, voicemail and GPS.

We send in 1-3 work days



    • Weight: 256g
    • Compatibility: Thuraya XT-PRO, XT-LITE i XT
    • Powered via vehicle’s DC power socket: “cigarette lighter”
    • Cradle Size: height: 181,8 mm; width: 71,8 mm; depth: 62,5 mm;
    • Operating temperature: -25 … 80° C
    • Operating Voltage: 11 V – 16 V
    • South antenna
    • Compatible with Thuraya XT-Lite compact connector version



    • Ensures reliable Thuraya satellite reception inside vehicles: Charges the phone’s battery
    • Conveniently holds the phone on dashboard: Use all features of Thuraya service in vehicles
    • Powered via vehicle’s DC power socket: “cigarette lighter”

    In box:

    • Cradle
    • Holder with cable
    • External antenna 3 in 1 (GSM/SAT/GPS).
    • User Manual



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