Starlink v2 Multicam Backpack Bag

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The backpack bag provides convenient access to all the kit elements. The sides and bottom have inserts made of plastic and foam material. On the lid, there is a pocket extension for the possibility of folding the antenna at any angle of inclination.

Starlink Router Case: The router case is fully lined with foam material to prevent damage. It features a quick-release system. A large Velcro on the back attaches to the inner flap for secure fixation of the router inside.

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    Two usage options for the Starlink V2 backpack bag:

    1. As a bag: it has 2 large handles for convenient carrying, on the front side, and a comfortable handle at the top of the backpack. There is a fixation for the bag handles when they are not needed, not interfering with movement.
    2. As a backpack: the backpack straps are ergonomic, wide, and comfortable for carrying on the back, with a chest attachment. They are easily removable and compactly hide in a pocket when not needed, and do not interfere with movement.
    • Fabric: Oxford protect (water-resistant, fire-retardant coating)
    • Straps – nylon
    • Reliable plastic hardware
    • Color: multicam
    • Size: 60*35*26 cm
    • Weight: 1.8 kg


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