About satellite phones

Satellite phones are incredibly useful communication tools, especially in areas where traditional telecommunication infrastructure is limited or unavailable. By utilizing satellite networks, these devices enable voice communication and data transmission in remote locations such as deserts, mountains, etc.

Satellite phones operate by connecting to satellites orbiting the Earth. This allows them to provide connectivity even in situations where landlines or cellular networks are inaccessible due to natural disasters or other disruptions.

Although satellite phones are particularly valuable in emergencies, they are also useful in fields like expeditionary trips, oil and gas industry work, maritime activities, and mountaineering. These devices facilitate staying in touch in regions where the absence of regular communication can pose a genuine threat.

Their ability to offer communication in challenging-to-reach locations makes them indispensable in many scenarios.

At Sattrans you can purchase satellite phones from brands such as Iridium, Inmarsat i Thuraya.

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