SAT-VDA for Thuraya XT without antenna

2,580.00  (price contains VAT 23%)

SAT-VDA ensures uninterrupted satellite service while using Thuraya XT DUAL only satellite equipment in vehicles.

Due to the nature of satellite signal, requiring direct view of the satellite, SAT-VDA significantly increases reliability of the satellite service for in-vehicle use. Hands-free features of SAT-VDA let you drive in comfort and safety while using your Thuraya phone.

With the Digital Signal Processing box, the voice quality and comfort of use have never been greater.

We send in 1-3 work days



    • Connectivity: Micro USB
    • Cradle Size: height: 181,8 mm; width: 71,8 mm; depth: 62,5 mm;
    • Operating temperature: -25 … 80° C
    • Compatibility: Thuraya XT



    • Full-duplex hands-free operation of Thuraya phones
    • Perfect voice reproduction
    • 9600 bps satellite Data/Fax: (with optional data cable)
    • Handset for private talk: Mutes stereo when calling

    In box:

    • Cradle for Thuraya XT phone
    • Holder
    • Electronic unit with DSP processor.
    • Microphone.
    • Speaker.
    • A set of connection cables.
    • User Manual


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