Choosing between Satellite Phone & Terminal?

The choice between a satellite phone and a satellite terminal depends on your specific needs, preferences, and planned applications. Here are a few considerations to ponder when making a decision:



Satellite phones are more portable, meaning you can carry them wherever you go. This is useful if you expect the need for communication in various locations.

▪️Ease of Use

Satellite phones are often easier to operate, similar to traditional mobile phones. They may offer features similar to those you are already accustomed to.

▪️Remote Areas

If you plan to travel to distant and hard-to-reach places, a satellite phone may be more practical because of its portability.


▫️Group Communication

Satellite terminals often provide solutions for group communication, which can be beneficial in business applications, expeditions, or emergency situations.

▫️Data Transmission Speed

Satellite terminals may offer higher data transmission speeds compared to satellite phones, which is important if you plan to transmit larger amounts of data.

▫️Stable Connection

Satellite terminals can provide a more stable connection in conditions where the signal may be hindered, such as dense forests or mountainous areas.

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Satellite terminal speeds

2,4 kbps: Iridium GO

Slow but reliable for quick texts and location updates.

22 kbps: Iridium GO Exec

Better speed for emails and basic web browsing on the go. Suitable for basic online activities.

444 kbps: Thuraya IP+

Solid speed for streaming, high-quality video calls and seamless online experiences.

492 kbps: BGAN

Good speed for smooth browsing, HD video streaming and more.

Satellite terminals Iridium, Terminale satelitarne

Satellite terminals 🛰️

Satellite terminals play a crucial role in establishing connections in areas where traditional land-based communication infrastructure is limited or unavailable.

  1. Versatile Connectivity

Satellite terminals go beyond voice calls, offering seamless communication for data transfer, internet access and specialized applications.

  1. Emergency Communications in Crisis Situations:

In the face of natural disasters, environmental catastrophes, or armed conflicts, satellite terminals guarantee uninterrupted communication, enabling coordinated rescue efforts and communication with crisis-affected areas.

  1. Business Without Borders:

For companies operating in remote locations, at sea, or in hard-to-reach regions, satellite terminals are a key tool for business communication. They provide constant access to data, facilitate remote operations management, and maintain contact with teams worldwide.

  1. Convenience and User-Friendliness:

Modern satellite terminals are compact, easy to use, and offer fast connectivity. Regardless of weather conditions or location, users can rely on reliable communication, making them an ideal solution for travelers or professionals working in the field.

In summary, satellite terminals revolutionize our ability to communicate, eliminating the barriers of coverage. Thanks to them, communication becomes possible everywhere, even in places where signal reach was once impossible.

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How do satellite technologies impact our lives?

Satellite technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives, influencing various aspects of our existence. Here are a few instances where each of us can benefit from these remarkable technologies:

🚗 Traveling

    • Thanks to satellite navigation in our cars we can easily find our way in unfamiliar places and avoid traffic jams, making journeys more comfortable and efficient.

🗺️ Navigation

    • When planning walks, bike rides or car trips, we use satellite maps that allow us to navigate the terrain, discover interesting places and optimize our routes.

🌦️ Weather Forecasts

    • Daily weather forecasts rely on data from specialized meteorological satellites, allowing us to adjust our plans based on atmospheric conditions.

📺 Satellite Television

    • Watching favorite TV programs and using satellite TV services is another way satellite connections are present in our home lives.

📡 Maritime and Aviation

    • Telecommunications Satellites monitor the movement of ships and airplanes, impacting the safety of maritime and aviation travel, as well as the efficient management of traffic at sea and in the air.

🌲 Environmental Monitoring

    • Satellite technologies are used to monitor climate changes, track deforestation and assess the state of the natural environment.

🌌 Scientific Research

In space sciences satellites assist in space exploration, astronomical observations and understanding the structure of our galaxy.

So, every day, wherever we are, satellite technologies work to enhance our convenience, safety and ability to explore new horizons! 🌐💫


🛰️ The Relevance of Satellite Phones in Today’s World

In our tech-savvy age, satellite phones might seem overshadowed, but they’re more crucial than you think! .

  1. Remote Connectivity:

From remote mountains to vast deserts, satellite phones keep you connected where traditional networks fall short. Safety and convenience in the palm of your hand!

  1. Emergency Lifelines:

In urgent situations, every second counts. Satellite phones offer a lifeline to emergency services, becoming a must-have tool when time is of the essence.

  1. Business On-the-Go:

For entrepreneurs and professionals in areas with spotty cell coverage, satellite phones ensure constant communication, no matter the local network conditions.

  1. Crisis-Proof Communication:

When traditional networks fail during crises, satellite phones remain reliable, helping you stay connected with loved ones and vital information.

  1. Nature Exploration:

In scientific expeditions or remote natural areas, satellite phones are invaluable, assisting in environmental monitoring and research coordination.

In summary,

Satellite phones are more than meets the eye, providing a lifeline in challenging locations, emergencies, business travels, and beyond. In our dynamic world, where mobility and communication are crucial, satellite phones make a difference in critical life situations 🚀

About Satellite Network

The operation of a satellite phone is relatively similar to that of a cellular phone. The exception being that cellular phones bounce calls from a cellular tower to an existing phone grid. Satellite phones use a series of satellites in orbit.

Making the call

The caller enters the number she or he wishes to dial and presses the send key. The phone proceeds to find the nearest orbiting satellite and sends the call information to it.

The satellite relays the call to the nearest ground receiver, known as a gateway. This gateway attempts to patch the call through. If a call to Australia originates in Europe, the gateway will not be able to patch the call through the existing phone network. The gateway will beam the call to the nearest satellite, which will continue passing the call along until it reaches one that can link the receiver. Depending on the location of the caller and receiver, this may happen a number of times.

The call comes from the satellite and is received by receiver’s network. The call’s format has to be converted so that it may be received on a standard phone or cellular phone. Once the conversion is made and the connection established, the call is connected.